Hairise Conveyor accessories


Hairise ® provides a wide range of conveyor accessories: high-intensity, wear-resistance and low-friction guide 

rail and relative accessories, which are used for the assembly, support and guiding of conveyor system, and 

provide speedy solution to you. Hairise ® provides innovative solutions to meet with your different production 

requirements, the main products include:

Ball and roller guardrail---Hairise ® unique low-friction guardrail can ensure the fluency of products in the 

procedure of accumulation and diverting.

Except Ball and roller guardrail, we also supply you with following common accessories: 1. Bracket and positioning

device---Rail clips, metal rail brackets, handles and link blocks form a rich combination. Guardrail width of Hairise ® 

bracket can be also adjusted according to the size of the bottles and the speed of transportation; 2.Structure and 

support pieces---Threaded pipe end, adjustable supporting feet, shockproof pad, bipod and tripod, column caps 

and side support, which provide a reliable structure for the conveyors and make the conveyors adjustable; 3. Roller 

and rotary products---Hairise ® gravity conveyors, rotating wheel, bearings and customized plastic rollers can meet

a variety of conveying requirements; 4.Customized plastic processing---Hairise ® has strong ability on R&D and 

processing, and can produce high-quality plastic products according to your specific requirements.