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Har2310 series flexible chains

Pitch:38.1mm Thickness:4.8mm Pin:Stainless steel Material:POM Color:White


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Flexible chains 

It is widely used in the automatic conveying, distribution of food, canned food, medicines, beverages, cosmetics, motorcycle assembly lines, 

animal slaughter production lines, washing supplies, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco, etc., and in-line conveying of 

downstream packaging.


Flexible chains mainly include the following types: chip conveyor chain plates, metal chain plates, conveyor chain plates, cleaning chain plates, 

metal chain plates for beer, chip conveyor chain plates, punching chain plates, stainless steel chain plates, carbon steel chains Plate, drive chain 

plate, engineering plastic chain plate, keel chain plate, etc.

The main characteristics of the chain plate: the surface runs smoothly, and is not easily interfered by other materials, can load heavy materials, 

and is durable. We can design and produce chain plates of appropriate specifications according to specific conditions. The commonly used 

chain plate specifications are 31.75, 38.1, and 50.8, which are relatively expensive compared to other transmission belts.