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Hairise Stainless steel modular belt conveyor systems

High strength and high load capacity design; Standardized conveyor design; Good stability
Application: transportation of food, beverage, cans, bottles, etc


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Modular belt:

Complete range of modular belts and chains, offered in different pitches (from 8 mm pitch to 2") and top surface execution, to suit any application.

Flat Top Belt has a smooth surface without holes (used to transport general products).

Perforate Flat Top Belt has an overall appearance similar to the flat top but has a slot hole for ventilation and liquid.

Flush Grid Belt is commonly used in production lines that require cleaning of materials and for cooling. There are openings> 20% of the belt area. Designed to drain water and air

Raised Rib Belt. There are thin ridges along the longitudinal belt of some models. Wear a Finger Plate to connect between the belts. Which the thin ridge raised Is to reduce the friction of the material with the belt surface.

Rubber Top Belt is the use of rubber (Rubber) to be attached to the belt. To help prevent slipping of the material while conveying in a vertical position

Roller Top Belt is used to convey and change the direction of the packing (Sorting) of the package.