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Design considerations for turning belt conveyors


Turning belt conveyor belongs to one type of belt conveyor, which can achieve smooth transportation between corners and often forms a combined belt conveyor with a straight belt conveyor. At the same time, the turning belt conveyor can effectively utilize space and reduce space waste. The line control of the turning conveyor must ensure accurate and reliable transmission and action, and can quickly cut off the power supply and safely shut down in emergency situations. In order to achieve accurate control, the central control console of the turning belt conveyor must be equipped with devices that display the start and stop status of a single machine, as well as the action status of the accident switch, through sound and light signals. The turning belt conveyor should follow the reverse material flow direction and gradually start the machine. Delayed machine by machine shutdown in the direction of material transportation. It is also allowed to start or brake simultaneously under the front embankment to ensure no overflow.

Emergency pull switches should be installed along the turning belt conveyor or in narrow and open areas. The design of the mesh belt conveyor line has lighting fixtures or portable lighting. When working in explosive gas, dust, or hazardous mixtures, we choose safe lighting fixtures for lighting. Before the turning belt conveyor is put back into use after being shut down for more than a month, all mechanical and electrical equipment must be tested and inspected by the competent mechanical and electrical technical supervisors, and confirmed to be normal before use.

The conveying capacity of the receiving conveyor line in the turning belt conveyor must be greater than or equal to the conveying capacity of the feeding conveyor. When reversible conveying, the conveying capacity of the receiving and feeding conveyor should be equal, but when the load is reversed, the conveying capacity of the receiving conveyor should be twice that of the feeding conveyor. A turning belt conveyor that has been shut down due to an unexpected accident should be inspected in advance before restarting, and the cause of the shutdown should be checked to eliminate the fault.

The quality and safety of turning belt conveyor transportation has always been a hot topic of concern for people. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, consumers' consumption concepts have undergone a qualitative change, which has changed the entire market pattern of goods. Most production enterprises have gradually changed their original production mode and product structure, in order to produce products that reassure consumers. Moreover, the installation of the turning belt conveyor cannot be ignored.